Styled Theme Sessions

It's no secret that I more than love Halloween. It's a major part of my life, both personal and business wise. So I started wondering, why do I only offer styled sessions once a year during the Halloween season? So I am formally introducing Styled Theme Sessions. These are completely custom to fit your style and SO much fun! This is what I truly love to do. And I want to share it with all of you! <3 

How I Started Styled Sessions 

As you may or may not know, I live in the little world inside my own head more than reality. And it's pretty awesome! I majored in theatre in college because I wanted to learn how to story tell in new ways. The skills that I learned while getting my degree gave me the tools that I never knew I was missing to create things beyond our own reality in any way that I can. Sometimes it's with written word, sometimes its a painting, but my absolute favorite is when I can create it with a creative portrait. I've done sessions like this for myself my entire photography career and even before, but know I feel like it's time to really push these forward with my clients. Everyone has their own vision, dream, fantasy from childhood that they wish at one point or another they could make come true, and now we can. Come create some magic with me! 

What Goes Into A Styled Session?

The first thing we need to figure out is what reality are we creating for you in this session? If you already have a character or theme in mind, we will run with it and see what we can create together! If you just know you want to try something different and fun, I have a million ideas I want to try all the time! Let's just be creative and make this an experience you will never forget! There are no dreams or ideas too big for a session like this! Anything is possible with a little imagination and some effort put in! 

New Orleans Styled Portrait Session

Make Up & Hair

Being a theater student, I am trained in the basics of styling, make-up, and hair. I prefer to do more theatrical and out there make-up ideas, but if we need a professional artist to come in for the perfect look we want to accomplish, I have several that I work with frequently who I would be happy to recommend! Great make-up and hair can also make a huge difference to any session! And the good thing about styled sessions, there is no such thing as too far! I have done so many different looks for so many different projects, never hesitate to bring a crazy idea to me and my team! We will always run with it!! 

Wigs - wigs are a fantastic idea for styled shoots to get a completely out of the ordinary look for yourself! And there are reasonably priced ones that get the jobs done perfectly! I have a few to choose from, and am always looking to expand my collection! 

Costume & Props

Costumes for these sessions are not necessarily something that you can buy off the walls at a costume shop! Sometimes pieces need to be custom designed and created, sometimes you can thrift shop the perfect base clothing, and sometimes you already have the perfect started piece hanging in your closet! I have a nice variety of dresses and fun outfits to play with, but depending on your chosen theme we may have to get creative! If you would like to get a costume custom created, I have several costume designers I can put you in contact with! 

Props are an amazing and easy addition to any styled session! They can really transform a shoot easily and make a huge difference! Depending on your theme, we will come up with the perfect set up and decor for your session! I have an ever-growing prop supply and a wide array of venues to buy more needed items from! 

New Orleans Styled Portrait Session



I have been a photographer for many years already. In that time, I have shot in more areas and locations across South Louisiana that I can even begin to count! There is definitely something for everyone and everything imaginable out there! I work mainly out of the New Orleans area so of course I know the most around there, but I have ventured out all over at one point or another! Even if it's somewhere new, I love to find new possible locations!! I am always up for anything! I also know areas that are even a good little drive away and I am up for traveling, there may be travel fees involved though! 

We have such a wide variety of location options in our beautiful state, and even our surrounding states, anything is possible with a little magic! So let's go all out and make this the absolute best that it can be!



Have any questions at all about any of this? I know it sounds overwhelming at first, but it definitely is not! And it's a TON of fun!

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