All About Chelcie Marie 


Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting my new site! So this is where I will take some time and let you all get to know me a little better! First of all, obviously, my name is Chelcie! I have a deep love of all things art, particularly photography, painting, and theatre. I have been actually studying photography since early high school and by the end I began on my own portrait photography business path. 

I am from a tiny town outside of New Orleans but I always held big city ambitions. I have huge hopes and dreams for myself and my future and I am very determined to make them happen. I also am on the board of the NOLA Horror Film Fest and work throughout the city. I also participate in one of New Orleans and even the country's best haunted houses as an actress during the Halloween season.  I also have very colorful hair, usually a blend of blue, teal, and purple!  

I am a HUGE travel enthusiast. I go wherever I can, whenever I can. My hope is to one day see every corner of our beautiful Earth. I pull much of my inspiration in life overall from my travel experiences. I love road trips, star gazing, beaches, and adventures. I love travel photography and hopefully can make it a bigger role in my career as I progress. My travel photography dream is to one day shoot for National Geographic and capture every piece of the world as I go

I have two main focuses in my life: family and faith. Without these two, I would be no where. My very close friends count as family to me as well as my relatives. Also included in that category is  my long time boyfriend of seven years, who triples as my rock and best friend, and all my animal babies. Faith has always guided me, it is the way in which I live my life to my best self and to the absolute fullest. 

As I'm sure you can tell, I am very outgoing and enthusiastic about everything that I do! And that includes capturing your precious moments in your life, big or small! Feel free to contact me, I would love to help you out in any way that I can!