Back to blogging!

Hello, all!

I have been slacking on blogging for the past oh I don't know how many months. To the point that I actually just ended up deleting my old blog! What a shame. But, I've thought about it for a while and I've decided that it's time again! I have lots to share, and this is the best way to share it! 

First of all, if you are reading this, I want to thank you for your support thus far. I would not be where I am today if not for my amazing clients, fans, friends, and family! Seriously, I have the best people in the world behind me! 

I am a portrait, wedding, and travel photographer based out of the New Orleans area. At this time, I am fully an on location artist which means that I do not have a studio space to work in. But, I love it that way! I am mostly natural light and love working with what we are given outdoors and just with sunlight, nothing compares to it! If needed though, I do have the equipment to work inside and in other circumstances! For majority of my indoor work, I shoot lifestyle sessions. This means that I capture you and your family in your natural element, usually in your own home. I do not overdose, over style, or overpower your moments with props or other elements for these sessions and I simply capture your lives. I also shoot boudoir indoors, but also am always up for an outdoors adventure on the wild side! I am so, so passionate about capturing life, love, and all of your precious memories. These are memories that can be passed down for generations and kept forever. I offer a wide range or products and services to suite your perfect photography needs! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these and check out the rest of my website!

Headshot by Lindsey Jacob Photography

Headshot by Lindsey Jacob Photography

Aside from all of my amazing client work, I have been so, so blessed to take part in SO many amazing things these past few years and so much the past few months that I cannot even believe it's my reality at this point! It's beyond my wildest dreams already and the opportunities that I have been given, I can just never say how much I am grateful for them and what they mean to me. I've literally been to Neverland (blog to come soon) and back recently, just so much magic in life. 

Headshot by Megan Crawford Photography

Headshot by Megan Crawford Photography

I am honored to now be a part of a major, amazing group of photographers across the country and world advocating for community over competition and supporting other strong women in the industry and it has brought so many women into my life that I am just so thankful for and so happy to call friends. We've made our own magic together, more of which will be shared soon. And there's so much more to come!

But, if you are new to my business or me, I will introduce myself quickly! I am Chelcie, Chelcie Marie to be exact. I am a young, super ambitious, artist thirsty for live and adventure. I love to travel and will make it happen whenever, wherever I can. My travel list has been greatly expanded in just the past few years and it's definitely another dream come true, but also has made me realize an even bigger dream and goal for myself in the long run. I am a day dreamer, night thinker, heart and goals are set in the stars kind of person. I am trying to better myself daily and the world around me, but my journey is just beginning. I am an artist by nature, I paint, write, draw, photograph, everything I do in life is rooted in art and beauty and love. I thrive when I am make the world a more beautiful place, even if it's just for one person at a time. 

Before I wrap this up, I ask you one thing. Be present in my journey. Comment, like, share, interact with me. I want to get to know the people supporting me. I want you to know that you mean a ton to me, and that if you ever need it, you can find friendship with me. Even if you don't. Thanks for giving me your time and thank you for being a part of my exciting journey ahead. I have butterflies just thinking of the possibilities that lie ahead of me. 

Stay positive, stay happy, and do something beautiful for someone else today. Whatever that may be. 

<3 Chelcie