About Chelcie

About Me

Hello there!

First of all, thanks for taking the time to look at my site! It really does mean a lot to me. I guess I should start by introducing myself:

My name is Chelcie. I was born and raised in the New Orleans area and am still happy to call it home. I have been on my photography journey for over a decade now. My true passions are music and nature photography, but styled portraits also hold a special place in my heart. I work primarily in the New Orleans area while home, but I travel very often for both work and fun, so I have no problem hitting the road and getting where I need to go! Please feel free to contact me about any booking needs at: chelcie@chelciemariephotography.com or get in touch with me through my Facebook! 

And here's some other random facts that make me, well me:

  • I got my photography start in high school when my boyfriend's band originally started playing live shows and followed not only them, but several other local bands, around New Orleans and South Louisiana for several years. In my college years, I switched over to shooting more of portraits and weddings. Now I am looping back to my roots, but keeping portraits in the mix, as well. 
  • I graduated from UL Lafayette with my Bachelor's in Performing Arts where I was fully emerged in all aspects of theatrical design, performance, and management. 
  • While I still work in the theatre world around New Orleans as a Stage Manager, I still act in haunted houses during Halloween season. Most recently I was with House of Shock until their closing. 
  • I travel wherever I can, whenever I can. I often end up in the Smoky Mountains or on the beach along the gulf coast if even for a short day visit. I drive 98% of the time during traveling, even as far as New York City and Colorado. I'm always up for a good road trip. 
  • I have colorful hair, usually a blue and teal blend, but it's been known to change fairly often so don't be surprised if it's different every time you see me. 
  • To add to the 'artist' title I give myself, aside from photography and performing arts, I also paint and instruct painting with the Painting with a Twist company and have been a part of their team for over six years. In my home studio, my paintings tend to go towards galaxy and landscape scenes. 
  • I also work with the NOLA Horror Film Fest and have been a part of their team for several years now as well. 
  • If you can't tell, I love Halloween. It's a lifestyle, not a holiday. 
  • My music taste varies all over the spectrum. I was raised on country and classic rock and have ventured more into alternative and hard to describe tastes over the years. My playlist goes from Broadway soundtracks to Heavy Metal and everything in between.